Below is a live demo of the SmarterNPC system.  Your school's SmarterNPC will appear like the demo below on any page (or multiple pages) on your school's site.  You can easily customize the text and background colors to match your school's colors, and can even customize the font styles to match your institution's website.  Plus, the system will be contained within your existing web layout, including your institution's headers, footers, sidebars, etc.  So, your SmarterNPC won't appear to be a generic “add-on” but will look like a fully integrated part of your institution's site.

Most importantly, students and parents who use your school's SmarterNPC system will get a better estimate of their actual costs and aid package, and will be more likely to consider enrolling your school.  Try the Demo below to see why this NPC really is the “SmarterNPC”.


SmarterNPC offers an enrollment advantage, giving your institution a competitive edge over schools using the "free" federal software, and at a remarkably low price. In fact, gaining just one additional enrollment from using SmarterNPC will pay for the system for many years into the future!

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