CampusNotice is our low-cost SMS text message system that allows your institution to communicate effectively with your current and prospective students, while also meeting the emergency notification requirements of the Campus Security (Clery Act) regulations.


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About Us:

Financial Aid Experts, Inc.

Smarter NPC is provided by Financial Aid Experts, Inc. (FA Experts).

FA Experts is a consulting firm with a unique, holistic approach to Title IV compliance and enrollment management. We offer a suite of exclusive, custom-tailored products and services that align with our innovative, synergistic approach to regulatory compliance, operational efficiency, customer service, and enrollment management. In concert with this distinctive methodology, we provide customized training, process-flow design, compliance oversight, and management consultation to colleges, universities and career schools nationwide.


Smarter NPC was created to meet the needs of our client schools, and was designed utilizing their input and suggestions. One of the basic tenets of our business model at FA Experts is to "never stop learning". If you'd like your school to benefit from all we have learned from our collective decades of experience and the best practices of our diverse group of clients across the United States, please call us for more information at 866-767-5692 or visit our website at You can also send us an email on any topic through the “Contact Us” panel above. We look forward to hearing from you!




SmarterNPC offers an enrollment advantage, giving your institution a competitive edge over schools using the "free" federal software, and at a remarkably low price. In fact, gaining just one additional enrollment from using SmarterNPC will pay for the system for many years into the future!

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